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Disclaimer Policies

Photo Copyright Disclaimer

All images and photos shown on “The Best of Everything in Oahu” page and its sub-pages are copyrighted to their respective owners. Let it be emphasized that Pearl Harbor Website has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights and has also intended to free itself, including its web administrators and agents, from any legal liability as it has no intentions to violate copyright or intellectual ownership in any way.

All credits are due to the respective owners and authors of such photo or image. If in any case, a photo or image posted in this web page is copyright protected, feel free to communicate with us for we will surely make necessary and immediate actions.

Content Disclaimer

Pearl Harbor Website has no direct connection or contract with any of the entries on the lists. All information provided are based on various online resources. We only intend to provide our users some useful information about the entries. Thus, entries are listed in no particular order or ranking. It is also not in our objective to promote or advertise products or services in any manner.

Owners of the companies or websites seen on our lists may contact us if in any case, they do not agree with our contents or they have anything to clarify or suggest. Our staff will promptly do necessary actions.