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Hawaii State Capitol Building

Hawaii State Capitol Building

The Hawaii State Capitol Building is where both the executive and the legislative branches of government perform their duties. Book a Downtown Honolulu City tour with us and see its remarkable and symbolic architecture.

When Was The Hawaii State Capitol Built

Under the leadership of Hawaii’s second governor, John A. Burns, the construction of the capitol building was initialized on November 1954 to replace the Iolani Palace as the center of Hawaii government. It was formally completed on March 16, 1969 with the total price of $26 million.

Deemed as the seat of political power in Hawaii, it is in this building where the offices of Hawaii’s Governor, Lieutenant Governor, twenty-five senators and fifty-one house representatives are located.

Architectural Design

Unlike the other state capitol buildings in the United States, the architectural design of the Hawaii State Capitol building aimed to represent some of the Hawaiian features. It followed the “Hawaiian International Architecture” style which is patterned to Bauhaus style. The designed was created by Belt, Lemon and Lo (Architects Hawaii Ltd.) and John Carl Warnecke and Associates.

The two cone-shaped chambers of the legislative branches of government represent the volcanoes that formed the islands of Hawaii. Its surrounding pool represents the Pacific Ocean. The columns that support the sides of the building represent eight major islands. It also resembles the royal palm trees that are very common in Hawaii.

Visit Hawaii State Capitol Building

If you wish to see the unique design of the Hawaii State Capitol, call us and book a Honolulu City Tour with us. Pearl Harbor Website specializes in providing the best VIP tours in Hawaii.