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Haleiwa City

Deemed as the surfing capital of the world, Haleiwa City is located at the North Shore of Oahu Island, an hour away from Waikiki. The town is also known for its rich cultural and historical treasures as well as its fantastic sceneries. Tour the town with us. Book an Oahu Island tour and discover what Haleiwa City has to offer.

Haleiwa is an old community as seen on the town structures and architectural works. The local government strictly enforce the preservation of their Territorial architecture in every construction or improvement being made on their town. This is to keep their town similar to what it used to be during the early 1900’s.

Historical Haleiwa City

The town’s name is a Hawaiian term which means house of the frigate bird. Haleiwa is also the location for two historic spots: The Haleiwa Airfield and the Haleiwa Hotel. The airfield served an important role for the U.S. Airforce during World War II while the Haleiwa Hotel, built in 1928, fostered the tourism industry in the district.

Haleiwa Activities

Haleiwa City is also known for having a bunch of restaurants and bars serving a variety of food and cuisine. Most famous among them are Jameson’s and Haleiwa Joes for fine dining and Rosie’s and Café Haleiwa for breakfast.

You’ll never experience the city’s pride if you will not put on your swimwear and surf along the 8-mile coast from Haleiwa to the Sunset Beach. Popular surf spots in the area include Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. Several surf shops may also be found around the city.

Aside from their finest restaurants and exciting beaches, Haleiwa also has a number of fascinating art galleries and boutiques. Visitors may also enjoy one of Oahu’s most famous shave ice from Matsumoto’s Shave Ice which has been into the business for more than fifty years.

Visit Haleiwa City

If you want to experience this other side of Oahu, do visit Haleiwa City. Book an Oahu Island Tour now and we will take you to this wonderful town. Pearl Harbor Website is the only tour company in Hawaii that offers first class VIP tour services.