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Mormon Temple

Laie Hawaii Temple, locally called the Mormon Temple, is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). See its fantastic architecture and landscape, book an Oahu Island tour with us.

The site for the temple was purchased by the church in 1865. It’s a 6,000 acre sugarcane plantation in Laie that sits on a small hill, half a mile from the Pacific Ocean. The temple itself is built on an 11.4-acre section of the plantation. The temple has been dedicated for use by several presidents of the LDS church starting with the temple site on June 1, 1915 by Joseph Smith.

The complete structure was dedicated by Heber Grant on November 27, 1919, another dedication happened on June 13, 1978 by Spencer Kimball, and a dedication following upgrades and remodeling by Thomas Monson. Laie Hawaii Temple was the first temple built outside continental US and the fifth oldest LDS temple still in operation.

Laie Hawaii Temple Architecture

Mormon Temple, with a total floor area of 47, 224 square feet, is surrounded by lush Hawaiian flora with cascading pools and a large fountain on a gently rising hill.

LDS then church president, Joseph Smith, wanted the temple’s architecture to resemble the temple of Solomon. The construction started in February 1916 using native materials. The exterior finish is concrete made of crushed native lava rock and coral reinforced with steel. Pneumatic stone cutting tools were used to produce a creamy white finish.

Laie Hawaii Temple Attraction

For visitors heading towards North Shore of Oahu, Mormon temple is great place to check out. The grounds are clean and well-kept. Many claims it’s a serene and peaceful place which is ideal if you want to break free from the crowd for a little while and enjoy the soothing ambiance of the temple.

Laie Hawaii Temple does not allow non-Mormons inside. Visitors however, are allowed to tour the grounds outside. The temple’s visitor center is also open to the public.