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Oahu Travel Tips

There is no doubt that Oahu Island in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world to spend your dream vacation or family getaway. To many, the island is considered a paradise gifted with incomparable natural scenery, rich history and preserved culture. Oahu is indeed a must visit!

If you have any plans of having a trip to Oahu, it is necessary to know several information about the island. Reading a lot of useful Oahu travel tips is also advisable to avoid problems and make your visit the most memorable one.

When to Visit Oahu

Fun, relaxing and pleasurable activities never stop in Oahu. Hence, it is always best to visit the island anytime of the year.

Peak season starts third week of December and ends March or until second week of April. Thus, it is advised to book your reservations earlier to avoid hassles and discomforts. During this period, you should also expect higher rates. The busiest time is during the last week of April when Japanese tourists go to Oahu in flocks to spend their vacation.

Meanwhile, off-peak season begins third week of April and ends September or until second week of December. During this period, the weather is better and the water is more desirable. If you intend to watch the humpback whales, it is best to plan your visit from October to April.

Preparing for Travel

Budget – It is very important to consider how much money you can afford to spend on your trip to Oahu. There are lots of hotels and accommodations that also offer a variety room rates. You just have to choose what best fits your budget. Some attractions in Oahu are even free for all.

If you prefer touring some of the island’s famous destinations, you may choose among our discounted tour packages including Group Tours, Private Tours and Island Hopping Tours.

What to Bring – You do not have to bring formal dresses or suits in Oahu. Here, casual wears are accepted in almost all the establishments and locations. Sun protection is very essential, especially if you plan to roam around or to spend some time at the beach.

If you want to try snorkeling or any other water sport activities, you may prefer to bring your own equipment or just look for those rental companies within the area. You should also bring your rain gear because there is a possibility of raining during your entire vacation.

Getting to Oahu

If you are coming from mainland U.S., there are several international airlines that can provide your air travel. Be sure that you are in good condition before the flight. Don’t forget to bring your medicines especially if you have asthma or any other ailment.

Upon your arrival at the Honolulu International Airport, adjust your time at once. Although transportation services are readily available at the airport, it is still best to book your transfer beforehand for more comfort.

Hotels and Lodging

Searching for accommodations in Oahu should never be difficult. There is a wide selection of hotels, lodging house and resorts to choose from depending on your budget and preference. Aside from the famous Waikiki, you may wish to stay at the luxury resorts in North Shore or in the Western Shore where the magnificent Ko Olina is located.

Major Attractions in Oahu

Aside from its enchanting beaches and natural wonders, you will never run out of reasons to visit Oahu. You may explore the rich Hawaiian history and culture by touring places like Pearl Harbor, Downtown Honolulu City and other exciting island attractions.

Pearl Harbor – Take a tour of the most visited memorials, museums and historic sites located in Ford Island.

Note: Pearl Harbor authorities do not allow visitors to bring their bags inside. The baggage storage facility will charge you $3 per item. For more useful information about Pearl Harbor, please visit this page.

Downtown Honolulu City – Unfold Hawaii’s history while touring the great structures in Honolulu including the Iolani Palace.

Beaches – Oahu has some of the most famous beaches worldwide where you can enjoy exciting water sports like surfing, snorkeling and parasailing.

Oahu Island’s Natural and Scenic Wonders – Explore the whole island of Oahu and you will discover various natural wonders.

Shopping Centers – You may find a variety of shopping malls in most major districts in Oahu. Here, you may also find almost everything that you need.

Dining – Vast array of food selections and dining options are being offered for both locals and tourists particularly in Honolulu and Waikiki area.

Activities in Oahu

There are so many fun activities to try in Oahu. For sports enthusiasts, the most recommended activities are surfing, parasailing and horseback riding. Nature lovers may try hiking, snorkeling or touring around the island to see its natural landscape.

Surfing – Every year surfers from around the globe flock to Oahu, particularly in North Shore beaches where they held various surfing competitions. Extra caution is advised especially during winter when waves may reach as high as 20 feet.

Snorkeling – Oahu has the most impressive marine life which guarantees the best snorkeling experience for tourists. Among the best snorkeling sites are Hanauma Bay, Kulima Cove and Ko Olina.

Hiking – The scenic views and unspoiled nature in most part of Oahu makes it attractive to trail hikers. However, this activity can be very dangerous, thus, adventure seekers are advised to consider their personal fitness and skill level before starting their journey. They are also asked to strictly follow warning signs along the trail to avoid any untoward incidents.

Basic Hawaiian Words

For a more memorable aloha experience, you should learn some of Hawaii’s native language. This will help you communicate with the locals and ask for some Oahu travel tips and best places to visit. Here are some of the basic Hawaiian words you need to learn:

Aloha : hello, welcome, goodbye
Mahalo : thank you
‘Ae : yes
Aloha kakahiaka : good morning
Aloha ‘auinalā : good afternoon
Aloha ahiahi : good evening
Pehea ‘oe? : How are you?
Maika‘i no au : I am fine
Kala mai ia‘u : excuse me
Kālā : money
Kōkua : help
Wai : water
Pau : finished, done
Malihini : visitor, new comer
Ono : delicious, tasty
U‘I : handsome, pretty, beautiful

Emergency Assistance

In general, Oahu is a safe place to spend a vacation. However, in case you experience any emergency, please contact proper authorities immediately. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to approach any traveler centers which are located throughout Oahu. Here are some of the useful contact numbers that you may need:

Fire, Police or Ambulance Emergences: 911
Lifeguard Service: (808) 922-3888
Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau: (808) 923-1811
Honolulu International Airport Visitor Information: (808) 836-6413

With so many things and adventures that you can experience in Oahu, it is best create a vacation plan. Better if you will coordinate with a tour company or travel agent and have a list of your itinerary per day to avoid any hassle. Keep these travel tips in mind and remember to stay safe during your dream Hawaiian escapade.

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