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According to the National Park Service, over 4, 000 visitors come to Pearl Harbor every day. That high number of visits must have left many people wondering – what is in Pearl Harbor? What really happened in Pearl Harbor? Why do thousands of people go on Pearl Harbor tours daily, millions every year?

In line with Pearl Harbor Website’s mission to deliver quality tour and transportation services to our valued clients, we also hope to provide as much helpful information (and related photographs) as we can about Pearl Harbor, the Pearl Harbor attack, and the memorials and monuments that stand to honor those who lost their lives on December 7, 1941.

Check out our collection of Pearl Harbor Info pages:

History of Pearl Harbor – Let us trace back Pearl Harbor’s (pre-war) humble and somewhat mystical beginnings. Find out how Pearl Harbor came to be the historical Naval Base and U.S. Pacific Fleet that we know today.

The Pearl Harbor Attack – Discover how the Empire of Japan successfully launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. From careful planning to deliberate execution, Pearl Harbor Website shares with you the secrets of the Japanese’ unforeseen victory.

Japan’s Surrender – The year 1945 marked the fall of the Japanese Empire during the Second World War. Was it because of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings, or the threats stated in the Postdam Declaration?

Little Known Facts about Pearl Harbor – There is always something new to learn about Pearl Harbor. Which is why PHW breaks free from the everyday fun facts and instead, give you the little known details about Hawaii’s most popular historical site.

Pearl Harbor Memorials and Museums – Learn a thing or two about Pearl Harbor’s celebrated memorials! Built to serve as lasting tributes to the heroes of Pearl Harbor, these memorials proudly welcome the millions of tourists who visit year after year.

Pearl Harbor Policies – Before visiting Pearl Harbor, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the policies. These rules and security measures are implemented to safeguard Pearl Harbor’s properties as well as to ensure the safety of the visitors.