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Little Known Facts about Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Website, Oahu’s trusted provider of Pearl Harbor tours, aims to not only take you on a fun and exciting visit to Pearl Harbor but also wants your experience to be full of learning.

Hence, PHW lists down Pearl Harbor’s little known facts in hopes that the these fascinating information may help you enjoy your visit to Pearl Harbor’s memorials and museums even more.

    • • Pearl Harbor’s nickname is “Gibraltar of the Pacific”.
    • Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese Marshal Admiral and the Commander-in-Chief of Japan’s Combined Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy) during World War II picked December 7 as the date of attack because it was forecasted to have good weather conditions.December 7 also fell on a Sunday, which meant that the full strength of the U.S. Pacific Fleet has returned to port after training.
    • • Japan achieved positive results from their training merely 3 weeks away from their scheduled date of attack. Also, the specially manufactured torpedoes were not completed until 2 days before they left for Pearl Harbor.
    • • Of the 1, 177 crewmen who died aboard USS Arizona during the attack, 23 sets were brothers.
  • • All 22 members of the U.S. Navy Band Unit (NBU) were also killed aboard the USS Arizona battleship.
  • • All Americans killed in action during the attack were non-combatants as there was no state of war when it happened.
  • • A third strike on Pearl Harbor was in order but Chūichi Nagumo, a Japanese Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy feared a counter-attack. After all, the United States still had 5 aircraft carries (at unknown locations), land-based aircraft, and some units of the Pacific Fleet including US Submarines. If a successful third wave of attack had occurred, targeting fuel storage tanks, power station, dockyard installations, ship repair, and maintenance facilities, rebuilding Pearl Harbor would have been impossible.
  • • On March 25, 1961, the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley performed a benefit concert at the Bloch Arena of Pearl Harbor to help in the construction of the USS Arizona Memorial. The concert raised over $50,000.
  • • Of the eight battleships that sustained heavy damages, only USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma were never repaired and brought back to service.
  • • Japan’s force lost 28 planes and 5 midget submarines during the attack.
  • • When Japan’s attack took place, three of their primary targets (U.S. Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers, Lexington, Enterprise and Saratoga) escaped the attack because they were not docked on port when the attack happened.
  • • Many tourists visiting Pearl Harbor are from Japan.