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We all know it, everybody agrees with it, but allow us to say it one more time – it’s not a complete Hawaiian vacation unless you visit Pearl Harbor! Pearl Harbor Website, one of Oahu’s most trusted tour companies and the best VIP tour company on the island, proudly offers various VIP Pearl Harbor tour packages that already covers all of your tour needs including Pearl Harbor tickets.
Pearl Harbor Tour Tickets
Thousands of tourists visit Pearl Harbor every day, and over a million every year. With that in mind, it is advised to either go there early and get your tickets at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center or reserve them online. But why go through all the fuss when we can make those arrangements for you?

Don’t let the long wait of falling in line for hours ruin your tour experience. Book with us and we’ll have your Pearl Harbor tickets reserved in advance. That way, you can go straight to exploring Pearl Harbor’s popular attractions, including:

USS Arizona Memorial – Completed in 1961, USS Arizona Memorial is a 184-foot long structure built over the wreckage of the sunken battleship. The memorial spans the mid-portion of the ship and marks the final resting place to some of the 1,177 crewmen who died during the attack. USS Arizona Memorial comprises of 3 main sections: the entry room, the central area used for ceremonies and general tour observations, and the shine room where you can read the names of the victims engraved on a marble wall.

Battleship Missouri Memorial – USS Missouri’s most important highlight in her 50-year career was the surrender of the Empire of Japan on the battleship’s deck led by foreign affairs minister, Mamoru Shigemitsu on September 2, 1945. General Douglas McArthur signed the copies of the Instrument of Surrender which marked the end of the Second World War. When you visit the memorial, you will be greeted with the historic battleship’s massive turrets. You can also explore the ship’s living quarters, command center, Surrender deck and you can also sit on the Captain’s Chair and see the view of Pearl Harbor.

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park – Better known as the Pearl Harbor Avenger, USS Bowfin Submarine was a formidable sub which successfully completed 9 wartime patrols and sank 44 enemy ships during WWII. On April 1, 1981, USS Bowfin officially opened as a museum ship showcasing various attractions. The museum houses over 4,000 wartime artifacts including Regulus I Missiles, an authentic Japanese Kaiten Torpedo, and WWII Battle Flags.

Pacific Aviation Museum – Located on Ford Island is the nation’s first aviation battlefield – the Pacific Aviation Museum. Although it officially opened its doors to the public on December 2006, only Hangar 37, Hangar 79, and the Ford Island Control Tower are accessible. This historic battlefield offers visitors various exhibits which include an authentic Japanese Zero, SBD Dauntless dive bomber, historic helicopters, modern jets, and more!

USS Missouri - Pearl Harbor

Find yourself in awe at Hawaii, and America’s fascinating history preserved and celebrated at Pearl Harbor. Travel back in time as you step into the memorials and museums that stand to honor the brave men and women whose lives were lost during the Japanese’ attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base.

A date which will live in infamy, was then United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s opening line in his infamy speech to a Joint Session of Congress a day after the attack. As renowned as the memorials in Pearl Harbor are today, they do not entirely dispose of the fact that on December 7, 1941, thousands were killed and injured. Nevertheless, as we aim to honor our heroes, memorials and museum were built to offer you the chance to experience the kind of history that Pearl Harbor has to offer.

Don’t miss the compelling stories and memories that these memorials can share, and visit them without any hassle. Let Pearl Harbor Website take care of your Pearl Harbor tickets, and let us take you on a safe and comfortable VIP tour to Pearl Harbor’s historic attractions. Book with us today!

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