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Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is a known destination for body surfers around the world. Located on the South Shore of Oahu, the beach was not accessible by automobile until coastal roads following the cliffs from Hanauma Bay were constructed and completed on October 1931. Book a Honolulu City tour with us and we will take you to this lovely destination.

When the new road finally opened, sightseers, campers, fishers and swimmers soon frequented the beach. When the surf is calm, Sandy Beach is an excellent destination for swimming. However, when the surf is up, the beach becomes treacherous because of its shore-break and strong rip tide currents.

Body-surfing and Body-boarding Destination

Shore-breaks, also known as beach-breaks, refer to where waves break on shore. In Sandy Beach, the shore-break breaks very close to the shore thus presenting excellent body surfing and body-boarding opportunities.

During the late 1940s and 1950s, many young bodysurfers from Oahu would go to Sandy Beach and practice riding its waves. Experienced bodysurfers too, find Sand Beach’s waves to be the best on the island.

In 1968, the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation improved Sandy Beach and put up a comfort station which helped skyrocket the beach’s popularity among Oahu’s teenagers and young adults. By the 1970’s, when body-boarding was popularized, Sandy’s reputation (thanks to its shore-breaks) solidified and became one of Hawaii’s top body-boarding sites.


Amateurs are warned, only professional body-surfers are encouraged to ride the waves here especially during high surf. Every year, more injuries occur at Sandy Beach than in any other beach in Hawaii, for which Sandy was nicknamed, break-neck beach.

Sightseer’s Paradise

Sandy Beach park is located between Hanauma Bay Natural Preserve Park (west) and the Makapu’u Point (east) along 8800 Kalaniana’ole Highway. The nearby attractions plus Sand Beach itself makes the area a top destination for locals and tourists visiting Hawaii looking for scenic adventure.