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Best Beaches in Oahu

It is a fact that Hawaii has many of the most famous beaches around the world; especially in Oahu, where a bunch of white sand beaches and magnificent shores are located.

To give you a glimpse of those enchanting beaches, we are providing you some information to help you decide what to visit next. Ready your tanning lotion, surf boards and swimwear, and dip into the waters of Oahu best beaches.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki is not only Oahu’s most popular beach but is also Hawaii’s most famous. Since the 1950s, Waikiki has attracted tourists from all corners of the planet and today welcomes over 4 million visitors every year.
Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach may only be a small 0.5 mile stretch but it’s been constantly ranked as one the best and most picturesque beaches in the world.

Sunset Beach

Located on North Shore, Oahu, Sunset Beach is a globally known surfer’s destination. During summer months, its waves can reach up to 15 – 20 feet, making it home to many local and international surfing competitions.
Sandy Beach Park

While majority of the people go to Sandy Beach to challenge its pounding waves, others trip here to spend some time relaxing while watching the scenic view or taking some pictures of the surfers.


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