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Best Water Sports in Oahu

Experience Hawaii’s world-renowned beaches through any, or all of the best water sports in Oahu we have listed down for you.

The island’s sun, sea, and sand is unrivaled in the world and so many fun and exciting water adventures awaits the beach bums, surfers, snorkelers, and even sightseers. There’s surfing in Hawaii’s famous waves, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, parasailing above the island’s coastlines, and of course Hawaii’s very own stand-up paddle surfing.


Every year, Oahu hosts some of the world’s most prestigious surfing competitions. Due to Hawaii’s geographically isolated landmass, the groundswell produces breaking waves that attracts surfers from all around the globe.


With Oahu’s impressively rich marine life in crystal clear water, it is no wonder that snorkeling is one of the island’s most favorite water activity. It is ringed by miles of Pacific water providing snorkeling experiences for all levels.


Enjoy one of Oahu’s most exciting sport and experience Hawaiian parasailing on your vacation. Soar above Honolulu’s coastline see Oahu right above the island’s crystal clear ocean surface.

Stand-Up Paddle Surfing

Being the birthplace of stand-up paddle surfing, Hawaii, particularly Oahu, offers many of the best paddle surfing spots you can find. Also, if you are new to SUP, the island is a wonderful place to learn.

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