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With Oahu’s impressively rich marine life paired with crystal clear water, it is no wonder that snorkeling is one of the island’s most favorite water activity. After all, not many activities can be as relaxing as floating through clear waters and looking at what Oahu’s underwater world can reveal.

The colorful coral reefs, the multitude of marine species (including Hawaii’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapuaa) and altogether a lush marine biodiversity is a tempting undersea attraction to both locals and tourists.

Best Places to Go Snorkeling in Oahu

The island of Oahu is ringed by miles of Pacific water which provides an array of snorkeling experiences for all levels – from novices to seasoned snorkelers. The island’s range of snorkeling spots from shallow protected coves to deeper sites with huge sea turtles provide a great selection of snorkeling spots.

Hanauma BayHanauma Bay is not only considered the most famous, but also the best snorkeling beach in Oahu, and in all of Hawaii. It is a beach park and nature preserve located on the east side of Oahu. Hanauma (which is an old volcanic crater) is protected from huge ocean swells thus making it the perfect place for beach goers of all ages to snorkel. It boasts of calm and shallow water and a high population of fish.

Kulima Cove – Oahu’s most sheltered and serene snorkeling spot. Kulima Cove is recommended for beginners as the water is generally clear and calm. Some marine life you’re sure to find underwater are parrot fish, wrasse, crustaceans, and more. Kulima is among the lesser known snorkeling spots so it’s ideal if you wish to add a little basking in the beach’s white sand after snorkeling.

Ko OlinaKo Olina offers a very safe snorkeling spot for kids and beginners that is accessible all-year round. Ko Olina’s snorkeling areas are not that large but the rocky barrier surrounding it is home to various corals such as cauliflower and lace, and sea urchins including banded, pale rock-boring, and black rock-boring so there’s a lot down there to see. As for the fishes, you will find Hawaiian dascyllus, cornetfish, wrasse, barracudas and more.

Oahu is indeed an island in Hawaii that offers a variety of exciting activities and lots of scenic attractions. Might as well, you want to visit Oahu’s prestigious tourists spots. Pearl harbor Website has a bunch of Group tours, Private tours and Island Hopping tours that take you to the most famous scenic and historic sites.

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