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Stand-Up Paddle Surfing

Stand-up paddle surfing or SUP is an up and coming water sport which originated in Hawaii. In 2013, SUP became the only outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participant in the United States for that year.

SUP which in the Hawaiian language is hoe he’e nalu, generally enables paddlers to paddle farther into the ocean, ride standing waves or glide over sea coasts. Others would even hold the sport on lakes, large rivers or canals usually utilizing tail winds to aid the rip.

Where to paddle surf in Oahu

Being the birthplace of stand-up paddle surfing, Hawaii, particularly Oahu, offers many of the best paddle surfing spots you can find. Also, if you are new to SUP, the island is a wonderful place to learn.

If you’re looking for beginner-friendly SUP spots, Oahu’s south shore offers a multitude of waves you can explore. Old Man’s off Kaimana Beach which is known for its nice and calm channel that is widely popular among paddle surfers. Other SUP spots to check out are Pop’s and Flat Island.

For beginners on Oahu’s North Shore, head down to Puaena Point. The easy waves are perfect for first time stand up paddle surfers. For your SUP cruising and training runs, check out Kailua Bay and Ala Moana Beach Park. Ala Moana offers a large enclosed area for easy paddling.

During summer months, you can paddle surf from Sunset Beach to Waimea (that’s about 4 miles) for an easy downwind run. But the most popular areas for downwind runs is the 8 mile stretch from Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach.

Reminder: Use extreme caution when paddle surfing in Oahu, the ocean can be unpredictable. The water could go from calm to rough in a matter of minutes. It is advised that you check wind direction, speed, and size as well as the currents. Furthermore, it would be best to surf with someone and don’t forget to bring along a safety whistle.

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